Teenage Drivers

In the interest of giving our new drivers the best possible start, we offer a discounted training rate and a special curriculum. As with our corporate safety programs, there is a comprehensive on-road check ride, including commentary driving, and an open-book exam.
We prefer that new drivers have passed their basic road test.
Our coaching is based on the highest international standards, including things like steering technique and optimized use of eyesight. This may not be what was taught in driver's education, normal driving schools, or required for the road test. North American requirements for driving exams fall far behind the standards in many other countries.
 Parents or other relatives may choose to participate along with the new driver, or to attend as spectators. We generally leave this decision to the main student, who may be more comfortable on his or her own. Parents/spouses/siblings will have to avoid the   temptation to be supplementary instructors.
Individual coaching, closed facility and on-road: $550 half-day, $900 full day, in student's vehicle.
Two students: $400 per person half-day, $550 full day.
Three students: $325 per person half-day, $450 full day.
The instructors at Sidorov Advanced Driver Training strongly recommend a second check ride, conducted a couple of months or so after the course. It takes about an hour, including driving and feedback. The follow-up provides a great incentive to practise and develop the skills that were taught during the intial coaching. Cost is $100.00 plus GST, if purchased along with the school.