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Washington - Edgar m. Welch, 28, a father of two from Salisbury, north Carolina recently read online, comet, table tennis, in northwest Washington pizza restaurant, with children as sex slaves abuse TongHuan by Hillary Clinton.
The article make these charges were widely on the Internet,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes UK in the sites including Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, Welch Sunday drive about 6 hours from home to the comet table tennis to see for themselves, according to court documents. Arrived shortly after the pizza place, police said, he fired from a like ar - 15 rifle. The police arrested him. They found that the rifles and pistols in the restaurant. No one was hurt.
Arraigned Monday, serious tattoo Mr Welch, wearing a white dress and chains, were ordered. According to the criminal procedure, he told the authorities armed peace but he surrendered to help the children in the rescue and found no evidence that "children are still stay in the restaurant." He was charged with four, including felony with a deadly weapon to attack and gun license outside a home or business.
Unknown Welch, he has been reading online is false news articles comets table tennis, in number of swelling. Fake articles to the pizza shop began to appear in social networks and websites in late October,Christian Louboutin shoes Cheap shortly before the presidential election, and dining-room are identified as the headquarters of abducted children gangs.
Fake articles soon open publications including the New York times, the Washington post and the check Snopes. But there is no conspiracy theories of pumpkin to debunk the comet table tennis - on the contrary,Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes it lead to the opposite.
Twitter, Facebook, and them has been filled with more attack pizza place in child trafficking plot more fervent believers. Within a few hours to call one of the published articles, an article on Twitter by 15th district of Georgia representative Stephen Smith - rather than a real, rather than a true region, warned that false information is sold by the mainstream media. This is forwarding dozens of times.
On YouTube, in the era of progressive removable articles was nearly 250000 times, through the Twitter and Facebook. New enlarge false original article, connecting TongHuan - now known as Pizzagate global pedophile ring arrived in the UK.
"We all should blame some malicious accusations of propagation and comets table tennis completely wrong," James Alefantis comet the owner of the table tennis, said in a statement on Sunday.Christian Louboutin shoes outlet Mr Alefantis has repeatedly rejected the fake news articles, pizza shop has been closed for a few days. His outstanding democratic friends and with Mrs Clinton's campaign chairman before, he says, may makes him a target.
Shooting highlights the power of the stubborn persistence of fake news and how hard it is to kill. Expose the believers of false news sometimes leads to anger, mainly in order to satisfy the appetite of people fake news communicators and more error messages. Social media company efforts to control the spread of these stories is limited, and closing in an online discussion threads only creators of fake news, the move to another room.
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"Why is it hard to prevent false news is a fact not to change people's idea," said Leslie Harris, former President of democracy and technology centers of a nonprofit organization, to promote freedom of speech and open Internet policy. When a user abuse a media platform, they just go to another, she says.
Virus the nature of the error message also shows on Sunday night, shortly after the police arrested the Welch, called Pizzagate "fictitious online conspiracy theory" of the report. Some people on twitter, said Mr. Welch is an actor use of mainstream media attention to the outside world from the comet's table tennis. Close followers of Reddit thread Pizzagate dissect this incident in a place called Voat new online network.
Fake news storm has swept the comet not only table tennis,Christian Louboutin shoes sale but the surrounding business. Conspiracy theorists and symbols, some local companies on the same street, the comet table tennis use their trademark symbol of pedophile code.
Terasol, French restaurant opposite the comet ping pong, owner, sabrina Ousmaal, said she received daily telephone threats, her business Facebook page has been filled with false accusations, including, "would you mind explaining a pedophile symbols from your website?" She added that the symbol is not her shops and restaurants in a nearby stores in a triangle is a spiral.
Ousmaal lady said that she and her husband to call the police and the fbi has received little guidance. "I was shocked and fear," says ms Ousmaal shot on Sunday. "Do nothing. This is not freedom of speech. It's a hate crime."
Technology companies and government leaders have been trying to solve the problem of fake news, with Facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg, earlier promises to slow the flow of the fake digital information technology tools well. Josh Earnest at a news conference on Monday, White House press secretary, said freedom of speech challenge media platform,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Outlet in order to prevent the error message the comets as the gunman in the table tennis.
"A lot of silicon valley's entrepreneurs are not develop this technology convenient hate spread on the Internet, the idea is to build a community, people can communicate more effectively and is engaged in the business," says Mr Carefully.Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale Shoes If you manage a platform that is widely used in transmission excited by hatred and violence,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes For Sale well, I think most people are unlikely to use platform. "
To suppliers of fake news continues to push Pizzagate theory even if the truth was exposed, even the comet table tennis is engaged in a pedophile ring is beyond the point. From Florida attorney Jeffrey Marty, said in a telephone interview, he dressed up as represented by Stephen Smith Georgia's fictional 15 districts. He said he was frustrated with the mainstream media coverage of the 24000 election, he believed that most of his followers know his account is an imitation.
Mr Martin said repeatedly pushing fake news and links, the mainstream media need to investigate Pizzagate, declined to say whether he really believed that the comet ping pong charges. "I just think you need to investigate. Clues are everywhere," he said. "But I different restaurants to what happened."
Welch has support for family values, his friends said on Monday. He briefly voluntary fire departments in Salisbury, Locke town, according to the chief, rusty Alexander. My friend jack Welch is a doting father likes outdoor activities.Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes Sale When he was arrested when driving is impaired, in 2013, was sentenced to probation, taking people on Sunday, said his friend.
"It's not all the people I know," Louis Bodak, whose son Matthew Welch said is a good friend of shooting.
The early version of this article name misspelled Florida attorney Steven Smith, pretend to be representative of the imaginary from Georgia Congressman. He is Jeffrey Marty, rather than jeffery.
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